Trip / Activity Policy

1st Easingwold Group Executive statement

We endeavour as a group to support exciting activities and offer them to all the membership. Our leaders offer more of their time to support extra programme activities. The Group Executive support with policy to fund certain activities or part fund.

This Policy is to ensure leaders and parents are aware of the requirements and to ensure fairness of accessibility. It is at the discretion of the Executive Committee members on the advice of the leadership team.

  • Subsidised trips - These are trips which the group part funds
  • Non –payment – This is free trip/Activity
  • Full group payment – Group pays for trip / Activity

Booking / payment and attendance

  1. Where possible these activities / trips will be open to all.
  2. Occasionally due to the activity or location venues, it may be a cap is required, these will be offered on a first come first served basis and on prompt payment.
  3. Full payment needs to be received by due date or the place will go to the next on the waiting list.
  4. Lack of attendance – we have to protect fairness and accessibility, and of course the reinvestment of charity funds. So this is to ensure places are taken by those truly wanting to do the activity or in need of the financial support.
    • There are reasons why a child may not attend such as sickness etc.
    • However where a reason is not given and this has been a regularly occurrence of not attending or informing too late that they will not attend. Then i. The Executive Committee will ask for the Full payment of the activity (i.e. the subsidised half) to be paid to the group.
    • If this occurs on a regular basis then the parents will be asked for reasons (it maybe there is help or some issues we need to be aware of to support the child). The Child or children in question will not be invited first to the next activities, so as to ensure those who are willing to attend and pay do so.
  5. Cancellation
    • Where the event is cancelled by the leaders due to lack of numbers or interest, funds will be repaid or can be placed against future Subs or other activity payments.
    • Where the Activity is cancelled by the location or activity lead, and the group has no control. The group will endeavour to get funds returned and will inform parents of the outcome and attempt to share the return.
    • If no returns than the group will not be able as a charity to refund monies lost.

Activity / Trips attendance with Parental Support

If parents are invited to be a part of the leadership team, they are asked to do so with responsibilities.

Parent’s as supports

  1. Must ensure they are briefed by the leader as to the activity, expectations of them and any risk and mitigation measures.
  2. Must be responsible for head count (either a small group or as a whole)
  3. Will be asked to escort to toilets, ensuring they are never alone with a child (other than their own)
  4. Will be expected to support if there was an emergency.
  5. Would be expected to treat all children equally and fairly.

If parents are invited to be with their Children they do so with remaining responsible for their child but also supporting the leader in the management of the overall activity.


There are rules form the Scout association about not being alone with a child, this has to be our foremost consideration of protection of children and adults who serve. However Leaders do offer to give lifts and this is to ensure that there is some mitigation in place.

It must be remembered by parents, Leaders often need to be there to manage the event so be there early and will often be the last to leave, causing a longer event for the child. Children must behave when in the car and all car safety matters followed (seats etc.)

Often Leaders do not live in the same location and requesting lifts causes them to take extra mileage to support.

  1. Children have to be picked up and dropped off in groups
  2. Leaders must not be alone with a single child.
  3. Where leaders have their own children in the car then the other children could be dropped off more locally.
  4. Where it becomes a regularly issue there may be a travel charge applied to those individuals, to cover extra mileage for the leader.
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